Sim flash programmer v3.2


The programmer does not require an additional power supply, as it is powered via USB power from PC.

The delivery includes all the necessary drivers, software and current firmware databases.

A programming device SIM Flash Programmer is designed for programming chips module SIM Flash Novomatic(Lewen) AGI 64mb and 32 mb voltages 3.3-5c. Programmer SIM Flash programmer v3 supports in AT89S52, AT89S53, AT89S8252, AT89S8253 in the user's device (ISP mode In Programming), all EEPROMs support. The programmer is designed to run on IBM PC compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 10 x86/64.

Delivery may include a programmer for programming at89c5131 for extra service support.

Delivery include:
- Programmer SIM Flash Programmer v3.2
- Management software (basic module)
- Windows X86/64 drivers (With support for Windows 10)
- Cable USB 2.0

Hardware specifications:
Dimensions: 172x77x25 (without interface cable). Communication is performed via a standard USB 2.0 port. Additional power supply not requared. Work carried out by three-color LED.
Software specification:
The software supports many input ffull-screen editors and Calculator MD5. Built in firmware version of the GS and the build date.
The option of checking in 3 hash-sums:

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